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trvl2.com is the travel website of Véronique and Thomas Lauer.

We're a UK-based French-German couple, slightly older than we'd like to be but still serviceable. These days we are spending a lot of time on the road — to do what we like most:

Go travelling!

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You have a question? An observation to make? Or found an error?

Whatever it may be, if you want to get in touch the easiest and quickest way is through this simple form.

Your comments (no HTML and no links, please. Such messages will be ignored):

Or send us an email

Of course, you can just as well send us a direct email. In case you have none of our private email addresses you should send the message to vero.thomas@gmail.com.

Be forewarned though: this is one of our public addresses and as such receives its fair share of spam mails. Most of these are filtered and automatically sent to /dev/null. However, we've kept the filtering algorithm in our email software a deliberately dumb beast. To make sure your message makes it through the filters, please start the subject line with TV:: (that's a capital T and a V and then two colons) and all will be fine (most email programmes will do this automatically if you click on the link above).

We will read all messages we receive but depending on time budget and travel circumstances it may take a while until we get in touch.

Anyone who wants to (re-)use material from these pages in a commercial environment should contact Thomas' agents: Peter and Paul Fritz.

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