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trvl2.com is the travel website of Véronique and Thomas Lauer.

We're a UK-based French-German couple, slightly older than we'd like to be but still serviceable. These days we are spending a lot of time on the road — to do what we like most:

Go travelling!

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Pick your country; globe seen in the Vatican Museum. Pick your country; globe seen in the Vatican Museum.If you have read our page listing all countries we have visited so far, you'll have seen that we have seen 54 of 194 countries in the world. Still a way to go! But we are not chosing our destinations with the aim of completing the list and we often keep returning to the same old countries, just because we love them and feel happy when we're there. This is particularly the case for those four countries:

Other should follow in due course. We're travelling too much and hence we can't update our website as diligently as perhaps we should:-).

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