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trvl2.com is the travel website of Véronique and Thomas Lauer.

We're a UK-based French-German couple, slightly older than we'd like to be but still serviceable. These days we are spending a lot of time on the road — to do what we like most:

Go travelling!

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Vero and Thomas' Travels


Hello and welcome!

V+T in front of Everest, March 2010 V+T in front of Everest, March 2010This website is our on-going attempt at preserving and sharing our trips, all the wonderful impressions, the memorable moments and the odd opinionated observation, with friends, relatives or indeed anyone who is interested.

There are blogs and there are sections with photographs and further background information about the countries and regions we're currently visiting or have seen in the last few years (see Thomas' website for some assorted bits and pieces re our earlier trips, between 2003 and 2009).

We're currently planning our next trip to India, codenamed Indy15, from Mumbai via Goa, Bangalore, Kerala, Tamil Nadu to Chennai. More material about this trip will be uploaded as it becomes available.

During the spring of 2014 we did a trip through South East Asia, called SEA 2014. We visited Cambodia, a country we've come to love over the years, and Burma/Myanmar (our very first visit to this country), with some added bits and pieces in Thailand. There's not yet much to see in that part of the site but some stuff, including a more detailed itinerary and one of Vero's famous Google Maps, is now online.

V+T wishing a Malay bride and groom all the best, Ipoh December 2011 V+T wishing a Malay bride and groom all the best, Ipoh December 2011 Other than that there's something about the 2013 journey to India and Nepal, see the pages in the Nindia13 section and Vero's interactive map. This was a great if exhausting trip: after a long trek through the freezing cold Nepalese mountains (with loads more snow than we have ever seen there before) we ended up in Northern India and then Mumbai and learned that, during May, these are not the most salubrious of places. In fact, the plain of North India was then, according to our friends, the BBC World News weather presenters, the hottest spot on Earth, with around 50 degrees in the shade (one day, we did measure 48 degrees in Mandu, in Madhya Pradesh). Well, this at least made us feel like real explorers:-).

There is also a browsable Albelli photobook we produced about that trip.

In March 2012, we returned from a four-month jaunt through south-east Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos; dubbed Calamyti 2011). More about that trip can be found in our Calamyti 2011 pages. Again, we have an online photobook.

And earlier, in spring 2010, we've crawled, for the umpteenth time, through the Nepalese mountains.

V+T after taking a perfunctory bath in the Ganges at its confluence with the Yamuna, Allahabad May 2013 V+T after taking a perfunctory bath in the Ganges at its confluence with the Yamuna, Allahabad May 2013A few general questions you might have are perchance answered on the FAQs page. There is also a page with links to some interesting sites which we ourselves visit every now and then. Last but not least, if you want to get in touch, see the Contact page. We read all mails we receive (though not necessarily in a very speedily manner) and we appreciate any kind of feedback; however, we're especially keen to hear from you if you spot an error or an omission or if you have a suggestion.

A few notable things: every page has Path and Tags information at the very top. The Path link brings up a map of the section you're currently browsing; it is followed by the trail of pages that led to the current page. The Tags link opens a page with all defined tags, whereas the tag links themselves show an index page for that tag. Below these links is the main menu: its top level should work with all browsers but the submenus do require Javascript to be enabled in your browser.

Our multimedia stuff (ie slideshows, photo galleries, videos and podcasts) as well as the dropdown menus use HTML5 and Javascript. If you don't see what you think you should see please check whether you have a modern browser and make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser. If you have security concerns re Javascript, our use of Javascript is safe… but of course that's also what the baddies will tell you:-).

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Additionally, these old Internet Explorer versions do not support HTML5 video capabilities, so you won't be able to watch any of the videos on this site. If you use such an old browser, perhaps now is the time to get a decent web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.)

Have fun!

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