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South India 2015

As we began to plan our fourth trip to the subcontinent, we decided it was time to explore South India…

From Mumbai to Chennai via the southern tip of India: we visited Goa, some sites of Karnataka we had not seen before, toured the Western Ghats, got bored in Kerala before getting our fill of temples in Tamil Nadu.

Read on to learn how we fared along the road, what we saw, liked (and did not like).

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Path: Photos > Riding Ooty's Toy Train
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Riding Ooty's Toy Train



We also have a blog entry with the story around this ride which was not as smooth as expected…

Emilie and Vero waiting patiently for the counter to open (the queue for the Coonoor train - see our <a  href="/SI15/blog/Ooty's_Toy_Train">blog entry</a> for the story - had finally cleared).Thomas and Vero (still) enjoying the ride.En route to Mettupalayam.Tea plantations carpeting the hills.One of the many villages along the way.Front view of our locomotive.Steel, water and steam.Steam obscuring the view.Our crowded compartment: this grandfather and his grandson kept changing positions. When they stood, we couldn't see anything, when they squatted, we had some views!Steam escaping down the hill.Some more tea plantations.The road to Mettupalayam, winding its way down the hill.The engine.The tracks, built following the rack and pinion system.Engine cooling stop.Train travel, like in the good old days.Watch for the monkeys… one of them snatched a biscuit from a girl sitting next to the window in our compartment.Cooling stops were welcome breaks to stretch our legs.

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