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SEA 2014

South East Asia again!

We were there for 2 months, with Burma and Cambodia as our main destinations.

This was our first time in Burma where we spent 4 weeks and of course, being so near to Cambodia, we could not resist a visit to Angkor.

Read on to learn what we saw and experienced!

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Pre Travel Budget



Compared to previous ones, this trip will be an expensive one. We are planning to spend about £2700/€3200 in two months, this is what we spent last year in India and Nepal in four and a half months!

Well… it seems that's the price to pay if we want to enjoy Burma. After researching travellers' blogs and guidebooks, it transpires that prices have soared up since tourists have started flocking to the country. Hotel rooms are reported to be particularly expensive and of very poor value… we'll see and report ourselves.

As already mentioned, it will be interesting to see how we fared on our return. We will be in Burma at the end of the high season, so we hope to make some savings there, but who knows…

Planned Budget details by country and type of expenses:

Budget structure showing type of expenses as percentage of the total value:

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