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Nepal 2010

We have to admit it: we're certified Nepal addicts, labouring under that affliction since our first visit, in 1994.

After our slightly disappointing outing in the autumn of 2008, we decided to visit the Khumbu region once more, in the spring of 2010.

You'll find loads of tales, photos and information about that three-month trip and Nepal in general here.

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And again, it's Nepal: 12th time in 16 years; 5th time in the Khumbu.

We spent three full months in Nepal in 2010 and, as usual, most of that up in the mountains: the first, longer part (March, April), on the high ridges and glacier valleys above Namche Bazaar; after that, beginning of May, a couple of weeks in and around the Annapurna sanctuary (where, by then, it was quite a bit warmer but also wetter).

We have some reports (see Blog) and pictures (see Photos) with impressive panoramas.

Cho Oyu and Gyachung Kang, Gokyo To give you a rough idea what we have done this time round in the Everest region we have prepared a very quick-and-dirty Google map with the approach routes.

We also have some Background information: see for instance our links to more detailed contour maps. Although these were made for our 2008 Everest trip, they should give you a pretty good idea as to what we did and where we have been this time.

For those brave souls whose appetite we've whetted and who would like to go on a Nepalese trek on their own, there is some practical information about the country and about trekking.

And there is of course the internet: if you search for any of the village or valley names we mention(ed) you will find a wealth of information and also some tempting visuals. A good starting point for armchair-trekking the Everest region would be https://explore.glacierworks.org/en/ . There's another site with a giant Everest panorama that allows to move around and zoom in almost at will. And there are many, many others: google for “Khumbu” and “trekking” and you will be showered with answers. Last but not least we have a small assortment of worthwhile Nepal Links.

Finally, we have a full site map of all Nepal 2010 pages; the other sections have local maps (see Blog Map, Photos Map and Background Map) and index pages (see Blog Index, Photos Index and Background Index).

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