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Turkey 2015

A very diverse trip combining a bit of the Mediterranean, a lot of Cappadocia and a dash to the Armenian border for the ruins of Ani.

We made our way back to Istanbul along the shores of the Black Sea with a few stops inland.

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Trip Report and Budget



Itinerary and overall budget

Final budget. We covered a lot of ground during this trip (around 3400 kilometres in 39 days): from Antalya to the Armenian border and back to Istanbul, using public transport all the way.

After a few days in Antalya, a pleasant town with a great museum and the roman ruins of Perge nearby, we went to Side where we took a bus to Konya. Next stop was Cappadocia where we spent ten superb days exploring the valleys around Göreme. We reached Erzurum with a night bus and eventually made it to Kars, the town nearest to the ruins of Ani.

We made our way back by following the shores of the Black Sea and making some forays inland to the towns of Amasya, Tokat, Safranbolu and Iznik. We arrived in Istanbul with a ferry, crossing the Sea of Marmara, a great way to approach the city with views guaranteed.

We managed on a daily budget of 125TL (28£/38€) for the two of us. Half of the total budget was for accommodation, the second highest expense block being unsurprisingly transport with 23% of the total budget.

Our itinerary (© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors). Our itinerary (© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors).

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