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Turkey 2015

A very diverse trip combining a bit of the Mediterranean, a lot of Cappadocia and a dash to the Armenian border for the ruins of Ani.

We made our way back to Istanbul along the shores of the Black Sea with a few stops inland.

Check our Turkey 2015 pages for our itinerary, a few stories and many pictures.

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People of Turkey



People we met in Turkey during various trips in 2006, 2014 and 2015. Turkish people are always good for a chat. Many have worked in Germany or France and are eager to speak with us in German or French of the time they spent in those countries.

Turkish tourists on top of the Rock of Van (south-eastern Anatolia near the Iranian border). Note the monument of a fierce Atatürk keeping watch in all directions.
Three cheeky friends in the old city of Diyarbakır (south-eastern Anatolia). Happy young boy in Mardin (south-eastern Anatolia near the Syrian border). Farmers couple in Midyat (south-eastern Anatolia near the Syrian border). Thomas with kids in Göreme, Cappadocia. We bought a bottle of cola everyday when we came back from our hikes and those two were always there, waiting for a sip! The chef cook in our favourite eatery in Antalya. Anglers on the Galata bridge in Istanbul. Woman collecting herbs outside Istanbul's old city walls. Pigeon sellers in Ayvansaray, Istanbul. Friendly waiter in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. Old men in Eyüp, Istanbul. Enjoying lunch in Antalya. Whirling dervishes in Konya. Crazy Ali and Thomas in Ortahisar, Cappadocia. We met Ali on our very first trip to Turkey in 2005. He is a poet, a dreamer and a souvenir seller. We have kept contact over the years and have wonderful memories of the time we spent in his company. Pelin, Osman and Havana, our friendly hosts at the Pelin Pansiyon in Göreme. Watching life go by in Kars (north-eastern Anatolia near the Armenian border). Young folks in Kars (north-eastern Anatolia near the Armenian border). Happy bride and groom in Kars (north-eastern Anatolia near the Armenian border). A bus station somewhere between Kars and Atvin (north-eastern Anatolia). Have you spotted the nosy horse trying to enter the shop? Man in a mosque in Trabzon (Black Sea coast). Time for a break in Trabzon's bazaar (Black Sea coast). Waiting for the call to prayer in Tokat (central Anatolia). Colourful ladies in Tokat's mosque (central Anatolia). Students in a madrasa in Amasya (central Anatolia). Man building model ships in his shop in Sinop (Black Sea coast).

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