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Nindia 2013

Nindia is short for Nepal and India, a 20 week trip we did in the first half of 2013.

We started and finished in Mumbai, travelling via Karnataka, Hampi and Hyderabad to the shores of Orissa before heading North to Nepal where we stayed 2 months, with a long trek in the Everest region.

From Kathmandu, we toured Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh before catching our plane back home.

A vibrant and tiring trip, full of impressions and memories.

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Pre Travel Budget



As usual, Vero has been preparing our budget, making assumptions for hotel stays and food, collecting information about entry fees and transportation.

Flights and Local Transport

Flights make for the biggest share with 34% (!) of the total budget: they include the return flights to/from Mumbai (with Turkish Airlines) and one additional flight in Nepal from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Bearing in mind the long distances we will cover in India, local transport is surprisingly cheap (7%); however, this is mostly explained by the incredibly low prices of train travel (in sleeper class).

Accommodation and Food in India

Our assumed cost for (budget) hotels in India is 450 Rs per night, except in Hyderabad and Mumbai where we have budgeted 1,000 Rs per night. For food, we have assumed 250 Rs per day, bearing in mind that we breakfast on self-brewed tea and some biscuits, have a few snacks for lunch and generally eat a solid diner at local markets or food stalls in the evening. No chocolate bars, no meat and above all no alcohol.

Accommodation and Food in Nepal

Fifty of our 64 days planned in Nepal will be spent on trek, so we budgeted 1,600 Nepali Rupees per day in the Everest region and the higher reaches of the Makalu trek plus 600 NRs in the lower, untouristy regions. This might look a bit tight, but we are quite frugal, preferring basic lodges to the flashier ones which tend to be overcrowded and full of groups. Foodwise, we can't get enough of the hearty Nepalese Dal Bhats, the only food we know which can sustain us in the mountains, and by far the cheapest. Here again, no chocolate bars, meat or alcohol.

Entry Fees

For Nepal, these include the various permits and red tape required to visit the national parks and conservation areas of Everest and Makalu.

Here are some actual numbers

Planned Budget details by country and type of expenses:

Budget structure showing type of expenses as percentage of the total value:

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