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Nindia 2013

Nindia is short for Nepal and India, a 20 week trip we did in the first half of 2013.

We started and finished in Mumbai, travelling via Karnataka, Hampi and Hyderabad to the shores of Orissa before heading North to Nepal where we stayed 2 months, with a long trek in the Everest region.

From Kathmandu, we toured Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh before catching our plane back home.

A vibrant and tiring trip, full of impressions and memories.

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Final Budget



Once again we managed to bring some money back home and spent 12% less as was planned in our Pre Travel Budget

The first table below shows a detailed list by country and expenses of our Final Budget, with a daily budget by country as information for those planning a trip in those regions (please note that the final figure under “Total” of £21/€25 includes the money spent in the UK for flights, airport hotel, insurance and other minor stuff). The second table shows the Planned Budget for comparison.

Here is a short overview of how we fared on the road:

Entry Fees: £112/€138 spent less than planned (43% savings).

Food: £142/€174 spent less than planned (25% savings).

Our second highest saving is easy to explain once you know our eating patterns while travelling:

Flights: £187/€231 spent less than planned (18% savings)

In Nepal, we had planned to start our trek in Lukla, which would have meant flying in from Kathmandu. But once there, we were concerned about arriving in the Everest region without preliminary training and honestly, were not so keen on flying anymore (the landing in Lukla is a bit scary). So we decided to walk in from Jiri again, this was of course much cheaper and we arrived fit and well trained in Namche.

Accommodation: £47/€58 spent less than planned (8% savings).

No big saving there. We were slightly over budget in India but compensated with Nepal (not trekking the Makalu trek meant less expensive nights at altitude). In India, compared to previous visits, we found it quite difficult to find some real budget hotels willing to take foreigners. Many pretended to be full, specially when Vero was hotel hunting alone. Thomas had some better luck, but there again, we hardly found anything below 400 Rs, landing mostly somewhere between 450 and 600 Rs (non AC). On the cheap side, we had a very good guesthouse in Varanasi for 200 Shared and a very hot one in Mandu for 300 Attached. On the expensive side, we spent 700 in Patna or Lucknow (both Attached) before finally splurging for an AC Shared room in Bombay near Victoria Terminal (1675 Rs).

Two unplanned items impacted our budget:

That's it for NINDIA2013. For information, we have included some more charts below comparing final and planned budget as well as a final budget structure showing type of expenses as percentage of the total value.

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