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Nindia 2013

Nindia is short for Nepal and India, a 20 week trip we did in the first half of 2013.

We started and finished in Mumbai, travelling via Karnataka, Hampi and Hyderabad to the shores of Orissa before heading North to Nepal where we stayed 2 months, with a long trek in the Everest region.

From Kathmandu, we toured Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh before catching our plane back home.

A vibrant and tiring trip, full of impressions and memories.

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People India



India is a fantastic country for people watching. Indians are friendly, outgoing and make the Indian experience particularly vibrant and valuable.

Young boy flying his kite in Nasik.
Nasik: one of the many Saddhus in town. A curious street seller in Nasik. Mother and child in Bijapur. Bijapur: there is nothing like sugar cane juice to quench your thirst. Happy pilgrims in Badami. Souvenir seller sheltering from the sun in Hampi. Indian family holidaying at the beach in Vizag. En route from Patna to the Nepalese border: man loading goods on the roof top of our bus. Woman selling papadums in a train. Varanasi: one of the many living rough in this town. The crew in our favourite restaurant in Varanasi. Allahabad: this young woman is keeping an eye on the rest of her family bathing in the Ganges. Allahabad: father and son preparing for their bath in the Ganges. Girl in Allahabad. Happy young boy in Lucknow. Street barber waiting for customers in Lucknow. His hair is tainted with hennah, a colour frequently used by Indian men to hide their whitening hair. Girl sitting at the pool of Bhopal's Jama Masjid. Bhopal: these three men were busy loading used cardboards from a shop on their cart to bring it away (probably for recycling). Varanasi: these men meet here every afternoon for a tea and a chat among friends. Children in Mandu. A groom en route to meet his bride in Mandu. Wedding procession in Mandu: mother and child in nice attire. Woman waiting for a bus in Indore. Note the milling stones next to her.

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