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Nindia 2013

Nindia is short for Nepal and India, a 20 week trip we did in the first half of 2013.

We started and finished in Mumbai, travelling via Karnataka, Hampi and Hyderabad to the shores of Orissa before heading North to Nepal where we stayed 2 months, with a long trek in the Everest region.

From Kathmandu, we toured Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh before catching our plane back home.

A vibrant and tiring trip, full of impressions and memories.

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Path: Photos > Nepal's lost railway line
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Nepal's lost railway line



As I am writing these lines, I have just read that Nepal's railway line, which used to run from the town of Janakpur to the Indian border has been closed and dismantled in 2014. It is to be replaced by a new broad gauge railway, courtesy of the Indian government and Indian Rail. This is surely a good move, as the old line maintained by Nepal Rail was really on the verge of collapsing.

We travelled with this local train twice: in 2008 and then during this trip, both journeys were unforgettable. It took the train one and a half hour to reach Kajuri, the last station open to foreigners before the border, 21 km from Janakpur. The train was crowded, we travelled the first leg inside the carriage, standing, a great opportunity for people watching and we had much time to scrutinise the state of decay of the wagons: holes in the floor where one could see the tracks beneath, holes in the roof, rickety seats. Since this was less than comfortable, we decided to join most other fellow passengers on the roof for the return leg. This was perfect, at last we could see the landscape, and it was a great sensation, watching the world slowly go by under the sun and feeling the breeze.

Watch our video for a full experience of the trip or simply leaf through our photo gallery below.

Make sure to stock up at the station restaurant/kiosk before you leave.
One car is reserved for freight. This woman is sewing her bag of goods, to make sure it arrives safely at destination. Inside the freight car, waiting for the goods; take a look at the roof! If you want a seat, make sure to arrive early. Waiting for departure in the heat, bike secured at the window; passengers without a seat prefer to wait in the shade. Shunting operations before connecting the locomotive to the train. Hold on to your bike! A lucky passenger with a window seat. In Kajuri, where the Up- and Down-trains meet. Some old railway stock decaying in the shunting yard. On board service! A nice way to travel, much better than in the overcrowded car downstairs. Mind the holes. A brick factory along the line. Some country house painted in the traditional style called Mithila, typical of Nepal and the indian state of Bihar. Arriving in Janakpur, passengers and goods for the trip back waiting on the platform. Disembarking from the roof takes a while. Nothing tastes better than sugar cane juice after the dusty ride.

Watch our video for a full experience of the trip:

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