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United Kingdom

Quaint, peculiar, funny: the United Kingdom… our "Wahlheimat".

We actually like it here: the weather (and the food) are not quite as bad as the natives (and the French) make you believe.

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Hampton Court



A Collection of Shots from Hampton Court Palace

All taken during various visits in 2012 and 2013.

Royal mottoes above the Main Entrance
Base Court Ceiling of the Great Hall A Satyr? Great Hall, West Window (note Henry VIII in the centre) Another part of the Great Hall Henry VII Deer in Bushy Park, north of the Palace Just a few of the famous Hampton Court Brick Chimneys Young Henry (1520) on the Field of the Cloth of Gold Detail of a Tapestry in the Great Hall Was Henry the Original Hulk? In the Gardens View towards the Great Hall The Royal Unicorn Windows and Chimneys

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