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Quaint, peculiar, funny: the United Kingdom… our "Wahlheimat".

We actually like it here: the weather (and the food) are not quite as bad as the natives (and the French) make you believe.

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The Vyne



A Collection of Shots from The Vyne, a Tudor Palace north of Basingstoke

All taken during visits between 2012 and 2018.

The Vyne was built in the 16th century for Lord Sandys, Lord Chamberlain for King Henry VIII. It is a typical Tudor palace of the time, with it own private chapel, amidst extensive grounds. Today it is a National Trust property; this article contains some detailed information about the house and its treasures.

The Vyne was visited a few times by Henry VIII (in 1535 he even brought Anne Boleyn with him) and the king may well have seen this tree as a sapling.
The extensive gardens are a delight not only in summer. More blooms. Bees like it as well. Dahlias in all colours. The Banquet House in the garden. Left part of the main building, with the chapel in the far right. A tree that, like Anne Boleyn, didn't make it. The Oak Gallery: best preserved gallery of its kind in Britain. More oak carvings. Fire place in the Oak Gallery (which must have been a pretty chilly place in winter). Honi soit qui mal y pense (done by tipsy workers?). Detail of the Oak Gallery with a few German swords. No carving in the gallery is exactly like any other carving. And of course we have tapestries as well. Another tapestry. Detail of one of the Drawing Rooms. On top of the staircase. The ceiling. One of the ground floor reception rooms laid out as it would have been in Victorian times. The private chapel and its stained glass windows. The tiles in the chapel are superb. More of those amazing tiles. Summoning the servants is so easy, my dear. We have bells covering more than a dozen strategic locations around the palace. A group of Morris dancers and old firefighting equipment. A view across the lake.

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