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United Kingdom

Quaint, peculiar, funny: the United Kingdom… our "Wahlheimat".

We actually like it here: the weather (and the food) are not quite as bad as the natives (and the French) make you believe.

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Tower of London



A Collection of Shots from and round the Tower of London

All taken during various visits in 2012 and 2013.

Is that Tower Bridge?
Tower Green and Queen's House Again that bridge The White Tower, started by William I Old Timber and New Gherkin White Tower Royal Appartments in St Thomas's Tower (above the Traitors' Gate) The Chapel in which the otherworldy Henry VI prayed “Yes, young man, eating beef is good for you!” Once more the White Tower The Shard reflected, just outside of the Tower And the Gherkin Nelson, looking in vain for the Tower A Gold coin struck during the reign of Henry VIII Prisoner's Graffiti in Beauchamp Tower Part of a portable Altar (made of ivory)

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