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United Kingdom

Quaint, peculiar, funny: the United Kingdom… our "Wahlheimat".

We actually like it here: the weather (and the food) are not quite as bad as the natives (and the French) make you believe.

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Windsor Castle



A Collection of Shots from and round Windsor Castle

All taken during a visit in 2014.

The Entrance to the Lower Ward, these days the exit.
The famous Round Tower, built by Henry II in 1170. (The structure was originally about half as high, but it got a 2nd storey in the 19th century.) St George fighting that dragon… Windsor Castle is steeped in all things St George. View towards the Lower Ward. Left is the 11th century motte, built under William the Conqueror. Postbox from the days of Edward VII — not sure whether he ever used it?! View from the North Terrace towards Eton College Chapel. Stonemason's delight. Hm… is that a Scottish Yeti playing his bagpipes? Upper part of St George's Chapel. More St George's Chapel. Her Majesty's Guard: always sharp, always on the lookout! Another postbox, near Windsor Railway Station. This one is much older than Edward's: it dates from the reign of Queen Victoria; this design (called Penfold) was among the first to be put up in Britain.

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