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Quaint, peculiar, funny: the United Kingdom… our "Wahlheimat".

We actually like it here: the weather (and the food) are not quite as bad as the natives (and the French) make you believe.

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The pictures in this gallery have been taken during various short holidays in Snowdonia and are shown in chronological (and not geographical) order. We have also a page with panoramas taken during our many walks in the area. Snowdonia is one of our favourite destination in the UK: we will surely visit again and add more pictures as we go, so it's worth coming back for checking from time to time.

August 2007 - Evening atmosphere on Llynnau Mymbyr (just west of Capel Curig along the A4086) and the Snowdon massif.
August 2007 - Carneddau, approach to Carnedd Dafydd, Ferlon Llugwy Reservoir is just about visible at the foot of the hill on the right. August 2007 - View from Snowdon: Watkin Path climbing to the ridge from the right of the picture. The summit in the middle is Y Lliwedd (898m). August 2007 - Triangulation station of the Ordnance Survey at the summit of Snowdon. August 2007 - Coming to Snowdon via the Llanberis or Ranger Path, one is likely to meet the tracks of the Mountain Railway at one point or the other… August 2007 - View on the Llanberis Path. The railway tracks are running above the path, a red train is visible on the ridge. August 2007 - A colourful house in one of the Snowdonia villages. Unfortunately we do not remember which one, any idea welcome. August 2007 - Another evening view of the Snowdon massif taken from our camp site at Garth Farm just at the western end of Llynnau Mumbyr. August 2007 - A day walking the Nantlle Ridge. Retrospect of the ridge from Crai Cwm-Silin: the summit with the cairn is Tal-y-Mignedd, the ridge veers right to Trum-y-Ddisgl. Snowdon in the distance on the right of the picture. August 2007 - A day walking the Nantlle Ridge: arriving on top of Garnedd Goch (700m), Snowdon in the distance. August 2007 - The Nanttle Ridge. August 2007 - Entrance track to a farm. August 2007 - What to do on a cloudy day? Visit Blaenau Ffestiniog. We had picked a good day as the Cambrian Coast Express was also visiting. August 2007 - The Cambrian Coast Express. August 2007 - The Cambrian Coast Express August 2007 - The Cambrian Coast Express September 2012 - Glyderau: view on Llyn Clyd from the summit of Y Garn (947m). September 2012 - What would be Wales without the sheep? September 2012 - The north face of Tryfan seen from the Carneddau side of the valley. Llyn Ogwen on the right of the picture. September 2012 - The reservoir of Ffynnon Llugwy seen from the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m). September 2012 - View from Snowdon: Watkin Path climbing to the ridge from the right of the picture. The summit in the middle is Y Lliwedd (898m). Llyn Llydaw on the left of the picture. September 2012 - View from under the summit of Snowdon to Llyn Llydaw with Miner's track leaving from the lake's northwest shore and Pyg track skirting the flank of Crib Goch (923m). Both tracks eventually rejoin north of Glaslyn. September 2012 - Miner's track and Pyg track arriving on Bwlch Glas. Turn left on the ridge for Snowdon (1085m), right for Garnedd Ugain (1065m). Llyn Padarn in the distance. September 2012 - Llyn Llydaw and the Miner's track. September 2012 - A big hit for visitors: the Snowdon Mountain Railway has been linking the town of Llanberis and the summit of Snowdon since 1896. <a target="_blank"  href="https://snowdonrailway.co.uk/">Check this website</a> to learn everything about this historic railway. September 2012 - The small steam engine of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. September 2012 - View from the Rhyd-Ddu path down to the coast. The big lake is Llyn Cwellyn overlooked by Mynydd Mawr (698m). The smaller lakes in the front are Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas on the left, Llyn Nadroedd and the smallest one Llyn Coch. September 2012 - Crowds at the Snowdon summit station. September 2012 - Walking down Snowdon via the Watkin path: old miners tracks at Cwm Llan belonging to the old slate mine at <a target="_blank"  href="https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/craflwyn-and-beddgelert/features/hafod-y-llans-rich-and-varied-past">Hafod y Llan</a>. September 2012 - The same miners track as in the previous picture seen from below. September 2012 - Llynnau Mymbyr (just west of Capel Curig along the A4086) and the Snowdon massif. September 2012 - What to do on a cloudy day? Visit Bangor and its cathedral of course. September 2012 - Stained glass window in Bangor's cathedral. September 2012 - The <a target="_blank"  href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menai_Suspension_Bridge">Menai suspension bridge</a> designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826 links the island of Anglesey to the rest of North Wales.

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